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Grand Archive TCG – Dawn of Ashes Fractured Crown Sealed Kit

14.490 Ft

A termék tartalma:

4 db DOA Alter booster
4 db FTC booster
26 kártyás event pakk



This item is only available for B&M stores. Any orders from non-B&M stores will be cancelled without notification.

Fractured Crown Sealed Kit includes four packs of DOA Alter and four packs of FTC in addition to a sealed event pack.
The sealed event pack contains all of the normal lineage champions and eight pre-selected cards for deck construction.
The sealed event pack also contains two special cards: A Prismatic Spirit that lets you choose two basic elements among Fire, Water, and Wind, and a Gate of Alterity that lets you unlock an additional class.
(Prismatic Spirit and Gate of Alterity are not legal for Standard format.)

Product Contains:
4x packs of DOA Alter
4x packs of FTC
1x 26 card sealed event pack

Játékosok száma: 2-4 fő

Becsült játékidő: 60 perc

Életkor: 14+