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ENHANCE – Collector’s Edition Purple – 7 db-os fém dobókocka szett 2 az 1-ben kockazsák-dobótálcával

18.990 Ft



Includes 2-in-1 Dice Tray and Dice Bag Satchel.

The Collector’s Edition 7pc Metal Dice Set includes all the necessary dice used in most TTRPG’s so you are prepared when your fate hangs on the roll. The dice feature a gunmetal grey finish and are beautifully enameled with a color treatment for a thematic tie in with powerful chromatic dragons. To ensure your character is prepared for battle, the dice come with a 2-in-1 Dragon Satchel (vegan leather) that transforms from a gorgeous drawstring dice bag to an unfolded dice arena that protects gaming surfaces when rolling hefty metal dice.